4WM News

4WM News

Meet Esperanza @4WM

Say hello to our new bestie, Esperanza!

Esperanza is…
the finder of finds…
the ruler of cool…
the queen of now…

She loves the new Fourways Mall with its 400 llama-mazing stores, family play zone and delicious food court. Every morning she hoofs it to the mall and parks her llamousine in one of the 8,000 bays.

Esperanza rules over the Market Place @4WM. Go and say hello to her, take a selfie and share it on social media with #4WM #MEGAMALLMEGAFUN

Be like Esperanza and HOOF it to Fourways Mall!

The biggest shopping and entertainment destination in Southern Africa

All of the awesomeness is @4WM. It is big, but finding your way around is easy thanks to the super usable, super fun Mall Map. Each section of the mall is colour-coded and represented by a cute character. Looking for the Checkers Court? Follow the penguin. Need the Banking Court? Let the fox guide you.

Fourways Mall fact

If you look up in the Mall, you’ll notice the hull of a ship in the Woolworths Court and undulating lines with sparkly lights to represent a ship setting sail and sunlight sparkling on water. This is an homage to the Norwiches, a family of shipbuilders who originally owned the land on which the Mall is built.   

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